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London 2008
DATE : 2008
TYPE : Web magazine
TITLE : "Tickling the eyeballs"
AUTHOR : Sutherland Lyall
LINKS : www.architectsjournal.co.uk
OK, content is king.

I bang on about website immediacy and usability. Not much chance of that changing. But it does so help when a site grabs you by the eyeballs and sucks you in to find more. Regular porn downloaders will doubtless say 'Tell us something new.' One such site is that of Vincent Callebaut Architectures. at http://vincent.callebaut.org Instead of putting up his latest buildings, French architect Callebaut has a collection of his visionary projects. They include his entry for the Prague library competition. But who cares whether they didn't get built. And who cares whether the commercial boys will label him wacky. It makes you a bit cheerful about the prospect of architecture not always being about on price, on budget and doing exactly what the QS and developer tell you. I came across this site after a reader had alerted me to an issue of Inhabitat at http://www.inhabitat.com/2008/01/28/anti-smog-architecture-a-catalyst-for-cleaner-air-in-paris/ This is a sophisticated but quite earnest blog about emerging architectural trends which I'll look at soon. Callebaut's latest project, Anti-Smog Paris 200, appeared on a page which, at the time was advertising an AIA seminar on green gadgets. Green tends to be about larch siding, rammed earth and bike riding. Here for once was a rare combination of green and creative. There's hope for sustainability after all.