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Shimla 2007
DATE : 2007
TYPE : Ecological web magazine
Editor : Bharat Bhushan Sharma
PROJECT PRESENTED : "Anti-Smog, an ecological design concept for clean air" LINKS : www.ecofriend.org
Smog, we know is a deterrent, posing a heightened risk of respiratory illnesses, a prominent environmental threat decreasing the air quality, leaving the inhabitants with no option of escape. Paris being no exception, and rather heavily influenced, is sure the place and a perfect standpoint, must say – to demonstrate a concept, which intends to invent a new architecture capable of reducing air pollution by capturing CO2 and thus improving upon the quality of air. Dubbed the Anti-Smog, the concept is constructed for the districts heavily influenced by the industries and activities related to the operation of the waterway. The Anti-Smog in harmony with the environment is a prototype architecture, which fully interacts with its environment to reduce our ecological footprint in the concerned areas. The project is an ecological design, in three directions - consisting of two distinct entities museum positive energy balance that produce more energy than they consume, the Solar Drop, i.e. made from superstructure polyester and photovoltaic cells, the double-cross metal bridge crossing over the canal de l’Ourcq (Paris), and the Winds Tower, which is a helical wind turbine rooting embedded vertically in the future municipal gardens at the water’s edge (Paris).